Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to your Question & Answers Section. Feel free to pose any question you have and I’ll respond with one or two opinions. My answers will be candid and heartfelt because that’s the way I like it.



Are BDSM negotiations really important?

Breaking up — Avoiding negative energy backlash

Do many submissives suffer from depression?

Does it really matter where your BDSM desires come from?

Feeling guilty

How do I overcome resistance?

How do you find a “good” BDSM group in your area?

Is bowing before your Dominant demeaning?

Is Fire Play erotic? 

Roleplaying -vs- D/s

Using honorifics in a BDSM relationship?

What is “topping from the bottom”?

2 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I’m a slave who’s been in a long term D/s relationship that has gone wrong in so many ways. I’m looking to restart the relationship with my present Mistress and what i cannot find is a ritual for being collared. i would like it to be simple but that’s not required. As i said i’m a slave and would like to request a reply. Thank You in advance, chole.

    1. As you’re looking for a specific ritual. I would recommend creating one for yourself that incorporates the aspects that you enjoy as well as what’s sacred to you and you partner. You can review our book, BDSM The Naked Truth for a few ideas on creating rituals and protocols.

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