Do many submissives suffer from depression?

This question was asked on a FB group I host with BDSM author, Mike Makai and thought it would be good to address it here as well.

Do many submissives suffer from depression? I always hear them talk about it. Is this a major problem?

To address this question or it’s implication that submissives are more prone to depression, bi-polar disorders or other chronic issues the answer is NO. From what I’ve seen, the vanilla world suffers from it more so than those in the lifestyle. Although there are many individuals who come into BDSM dumping their mental issues at a Dominant’s feet demanding the Dom/me take care of everything and “fix them”. And when the Master/Mistress says no or can’t, the submissive bad mouths that Dominant or accuses Him/Her of not being “dominant enough”.

Note: I’m not talking about submissives/slaves who enter the lifestyle because submission and slavery calls to their soul, so don’t misunderstand me.

Unfortunately, there are  many individuals who enter the BDSM community for the wrong reasons. I would recommend if someone is experiencing depression or is bi-polar or in need of mental health assistance whether that’s therapy or medication, they get THAT issue handled FIRST then seek a Dom/me. This way, they are showing they are responsible and care what they bring to their future Master/Mistress.

I believe the because members of the BDSM community are more open about discussing ANY topic, you will hear them seek or depression as well as their other interactions.

Live with passion,

Dr. Charley Ferrer

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