For everyone who’s ever sat in the darkness
stared into the abyss and wondered
“Am I normal?”


If you’re curious about Dominance and submission, wondered why you enjoy seeing men or women in bondage, thrill at the sound of your lover’s surrender, and seek someone you can kneel before and be vulnerable with, you are not alone! Studies vary however it’s estimated that one in six or one in eight individuals participate in some form of dominance and submission activities though they may not classify it as such. Here are a few examples of power exchange relationships: husband/wife, boss/employee, parent/child, even between neighbors and strangers.

BDSM The Naked Truth is a here to help enrich your knowledge and understanding of Dominance and submission. We hope to dispel many of the misconceptions and myths surrounding this highly erotic and all too often misrepresented lifestyle.

We provided eCourses and private Mentorships on Dominance and submission as well articles written by experienced BDSM practitioners and Experts.

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