Imagine submission like a roller coaster!



Imagine surrender as a roller coaster. You start out slowly in small less scary coasts that take you for a few spins and you feel safe and secure knowing that it’ll all be over in a few minutes and it’s not so scary.


As you progress in your submission, you begin to go to higher levels, seeking more intensity. You might even throw in a loop or two, knowing you’re securely strapped in and won’t be thrown over the edge and left there. You can scream and yell “no” and give in and embrace your fears and at the end of the ride, after you’ve screamed and cried and maybe you’re pants aren’t as dry, you know that the conductor will be there to unbuckle your straps and let you out.

You can use another token and take another ride and though it won’t be the same as the first time, since each trip is different, you know you’re always secure in your seat and the conductor (the Dominant) is watching over you, ensuring you’re securely fastened and have someone waiting for you at the other end.

That’s what submission and Dominance is all about. We each have a role, a duty, a place to sit and stand. Without that, well, it’s just a ride no one would want to go on.

Note:  It’s not the DomiCorkscrew roller coaster at dusknant controlling the roller coaster ride but the submissive in the fact that you choose to get on. Yes, a Dominant can say, here’s the roller coaster and show you it’s beauty and thrill; however, it will be up to you if you will get on it and how often and whether you’ll ride the beginner coaster or the “holy f**k what was I thinking” coaster.

Dominance and submission is a journey you take with yourself and share with others.

Live with passion,

Dr. Charley Ferrer

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