Is Fire Play erotic?

I saw my first fire play demo a few months ago and I was fascinated. Especially since the subs who were used in the demonstrations were all smiles when they were through — saying it felt like a “warm massage.” It was beautiful to watch and the Dom who did it was quite skilled. What do you think about fire play?

Fire Play is beyond hot…no pun intended.

I first saw it the week I learned there was such a thing as BDSM while working on my Doctorate in Human Sexuality; gosh that was almost twenty years ago. I love the way the fire caresses the person and the light blue flames that dance across their body. Fire fascinates me!

When I started learning how to play with Fire, my mentor would yell at me, “Put the fire on the slave alrighty!” Chuckles…fire just looked so pretty, I got captivated by it as I played with it on my hand.

There are several ways to apply fire to a person: with the talons or fire wands, with your hand, with a spray bottle–igniting the alcohol as you spray it on the person, etc.

Fire can also be used as part of a Mind Fuck. I remember when I just learning, my mentor decided to sit down with his slave across the way from where I stood with the sub I was using. As the other Dom left, I looked at the sub and in a very serious tone and facial expression stated, “Now you’re screwed cause I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing.” He freaked, I laughed, and the fun continued.

The beauty about any “play” as it’s called (BDSM interactions) is that you can add different components to it and make it fun for both–though only in novels is it required that the slave/sub always enjoy themselves.

Caution: Fire Play is one of those activities considered Edge Play and can easily go array. Ensure to get training from someone who actually knows what they’re doing!

Live with passion,

Dr. Charley Ferrer
America’s BDSM Expert


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